Maple Lake Township has two precincts, 1-A and 1-B. The Maple Lake Township Hall is the polling place for all elections. Registration to vote can be done at the Auditor/Treasurers office at the County Courthouse, or at the polling place prior to voting. When registering, have identification and proof of where you live.

Maple Lake Township has three types of elections:

Annual Town Officer election

Primary elections

General elections 

Annual Town Officer Elections

The annual town officer election is held each year on the second Tuesday of March. Candidates can file for office at the office of the Township Clerk for a fee of $2.00. Filing usually begins on the last Tuesday in December, and ends two weeks later on a Tuesday in January. A candidate must be a resident of Maple Lake Township, and is subject to Campaign Financial Reporting. 

Primary and General Elections

Primary and General elections are held every other year for Federal and State offices. Primary elections are usually held during the summer months, prior to the General election in November. 

Absentee Ballots for all Maple Lake Township elections are issued by the Wright County Auditor/Treasurers office for a period of time prior to the election.